On Saturday August 8, 2020, at approximately 10:25 p.m., M-LFD Companies 4 and the Ambulance Unit were alerted to the vicinity of 11 Old Field Lane in the Village of Lake Success for an auto accident with injury. Deputy Chief Antonelli (8704) arrived on scene and advised that he had a car on its side, with three people trapped inside. With that information, Companies 3 and 5 were added to the alarm for their extrication equipment. E8740 was the first piece of apparatus on scene and began to stabilize the vehicle and start the extrication process with their eDrualic combi tool. The crew of A8767 then arrived on scene and began accessing the patients through the rear of the vehicle to provide care. R8759, and R8730 arrived on scene and put their extrication equipment and Paratech stabilization kit into operation. After just over a half hour, all three occupants had been removed from the vehicle and transported to an area hospital.

Old Field Pin