Motor Vehicle Accident with Car Fire Creates Major Traffic Jam on Lakeville Road During Rush-Hour

On Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 at 5:07PM, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 4, 5 and the Ambulance Unit were dispatched to in front of 318 Lakeville Road in Lake Success for a reported motor vehicle accident with fire. Chief Farrone (8705) and Deputy Chiefs Kiess (8701) and Candan (8704) all responded to the call simultaneously and were advised of a reported motor vehicle accident with possible fire. 

Due to the accident, traffic was at a stand-still on Lakeville Road, which made it very difficult for responding apparatus to arrive at the scene. Despite the heavy congestion, Deputy Chief Candan arrived on scene and confirmed a minor accident with a working vehicle fire. Squad 8759 was the first piece of apparatus to arrive, followed by Engine 8740. Both units stretched 1” ¾ hoselines and extinguished the fire. Ambulances 8767 and 8769 and Ladder 8743 were also on the scene. 

Lakeville Road was shutdown in both directions for about thirty minutes by the Lake Success Police Department while firefighters extinguished the fully-involved vehicle. There were no reported injuries from the passengers of either vehicle involved in the accident and all units were released from the scene within thirty minutes by Chief of Department Farrone.

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The Routine Automatic Fire Alarm Turns Out To A Be Bedroom Fire In Lake Success Home

On Monday, October 27th, 2014 at approximately 4:20PM, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 4 and 5 were dispatched to a residence on Lake Road in the Village of Lake Success for an automatic fire alarm activation.  The M-LFD responds to these types of alarm activation numerous times a week, and they are for the most part, false or erroneous alarm activation's.  Every now and then, an automatic alarm turns out to be something a bit more.

Deputy Chief Garrigan (8703) was the first unit to respond to the call and was advised by the dispatcher of a general automatic alarm signal received through the alarm company.  Deputy Chief Garrigan arrived on the scene four minutes later and reported that he had “smoke showing from the attic vents” and immediately requested that the incident be upgraded to a structure fire, which added Company #3 to the original assignment.

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M-LFD Responds To Second Car vs. Tree In Two Days

On Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 at around 1:30PM, Great Neck Vigilant Fire Company Assistant Chief Josh Forst (839) radioed to Nassau County FireCom that he had just witnessed a car-verus-tree automobile accident and requested that they notify the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department to respond to the Long Island Expressway south service road just west of New Hyde Park Road. Deputy Chief Candan (8704) was on the road and heard Assistant Chief Forst make the notification and immediately requested that M-LFD Companies 3, 5 and the Ambulance Unit be dispatched to the reported location. 

Deputy Chief Candan arrived on the scene a minute later and reported that the two occupants of the vehicle had self-extricated, slowed down the response of the fire units and requested that both ambulances continue into the scene to evaluate both occupants. M-LFD Ambulances 8768, 8769 and EMS Fly Car 8799 all arrived on the scene within minutes and transported both occupants to North Shore University Hospital. All M-LFD units were released from the scene within twenty minutes by Deputy Chief Farrone (8705).  Click below for additional photographs from this incident.

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Manhasset-Lakeville F.D. Responds To Attic Fire In Lake Success

On Thursday, February 21st, 2014 at 8:21pm, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 4 and 5 were dispatched to an interior odor of smoke at 14 Tanners Road in the Village of Lake Success. Deputy Chief Candan (8704) was the first unit to respond and was advised while en route that Lake Success Police Department units on scene were reporting a working fire at the location. Deputy Chief Candan arrived on scene a few seconds later and reported that he had smoke showing out of the attic vent and eaves. He also added that all occupants were out of the house and requested the addition of Company #3, the Ambulance Unit and to start out the F.A.S.T. 

Engine 8758 was the first piece of apparatus to arrive on the scene. Captain Chen of Company #5 entered the house and reported that he had visible fire in the attic of the 1-1/2 story private dwelling. After receiving this report, Deputy Chief Candan proceeded to transmit a "Signal 10" for a working house fire. The crew of Engine 8758 stretched a 1" 3/4 hose line, while the crew from Ladder 8743 began to access the attic’s crawl space and open up the ceiling from below. A second precautionary 1" 3/4 hose line was stretched by the crews of Squad 8759 and Engine 8756, but was not used. The crews from Engine 8735, Rescue 8730 and Tower Ladder 8744 checked for extension and performed searches, which were all negative. Deputy Chief Kiess (8701) was in command of interior operations. 

The New Hyde Park Fire Department responded as the F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist & Search Team) with Tower Ladder 175. The fire was placed under control by Deputy Chief Candan within thirty minutes and units began taking up within an hour. The Nassau County Fire Marshal's office was requested for an immediate investigation of the cause of the fire. 

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