William Mazurkiewicz - 8703
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William “Benny” Mazurkiewicz serves as 4th Deputy Chief of the M-LFD.  He was elected to that position in April of 2016, and is an Ex-Captain and 37 year member of Company 3.  Benny was raised in Great Neck, and is a lifetime resident of our Fire District.

As 4th Deputy Chief, he is in charge of all of the M-LFD’s firefighter training programs, and also serves as our liaison to the Nassau County Fire Service Academy.

Deputy Chief Mazurkiewicz is married, and his wife Gail is a proud former member of the M-LFD Ambulance Unit.

Brian Stone - 8705

 2018 04 07 MLFD Installation Dinner KingLindner46 

Deputy Chief Brian Stone joined the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department and Company 5 in June of 1991. During his tenure in the department he has served as Lieutenant from 1996 to 2000 and again from 2012 to 2013, and as Captain from 2000 to 2002 and again from 2006 to 2009. Brian also served as the Company 5 secretary, as well as serving on the Truck and Building committee and Pump and Drive committee. He is a proud alumni and supporter of the Minutemen Drill Team. Prior to joining Manhasset-Lakeville, Brian was a firefighter with the Plainview Fire Department Company 4 from 1986 to 1991. Brian is married to his lovely wife Josephine and has a Daughter Cristina and Son Andrew.

Manhasset-Lakeville F.D. Company Line Officers


Company #1:
Captain Jeremy Trilivas
1st Lieutenant Michael Weigand
2nd Lieutenant Justin Longo

Company #2:
Captain Larry Bergun
1st Lieutenant Alan Gragossian
2nd Lieutenant Christopher Gentile


Company #3:
Captain David Porras
1st Lieutenant Schuyler Gordon
2nd Lieutenant Jesse Madden

Company #4:
Captain Sean Dolan
1st Lieutenant Joseph Antonelli
2nd Lieutenant Anthony Dillluvio


Company #5:
Captain Alex Schneider
1st Lieutenant Christopher Rocco
2nd Lieutenant Scott Chen

Ambulance Unit:
Captain Robert Stern
1st Lieutenant Anastasia Adamopoulos
2nd Lieutenant Andrew Grossman




The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Ex-Chiefs


M-LFD Ex-Chiefs 2013

Photograph of the current M-LFD Chiefs with several Ex-Chiefs at the 2013 Installation Dinner.

L-to-R Standing: Ex-Chief Michael F. Uttaro, Ex-Chief Bryan O'Malley, Ex-Chief James M. Pitzer, 4th Deputy Chief Kirk Candan, 1st Deputy Chief Michael Farrone, Chief of Dept. Christopher Pisani, 2nd Deputy Chief Scott Garrigan, 3rd Deputy Chief Mark Kiess, Ex-Chief Kyle A. Dugger, Ex-Chief Brian J. Morris. 
L-to-R Seated: Ex-Chief Joseph T. Geiman, Ex-Chief Walter J. Sawolski, Ex-Chief Barry S. Robinson, Ex-Chief Neil Hicks Sr., Ex-Chief Daniel Ladislaw.


The individuals listed below have proudly served as Manhasset-Lakeville's Chief of Department:
1912 Martin Schenck 1958-1960 John W. Paradise 1997-1999 Daniel Ladislaw
1913 H. Charles Stevens 1960-1962 Joseph Mastro 1999-2001 Louis Scida
1914 Martin Schenck 1962-1964 Robert Terry 2001-2003 Patrick McGrath
No Date James McIntosh 1964-1966 Lewis Hirst 2003-2005 Brian J. Morris
No Date Danial Burke 1966-1968 Russell Mallgren 2005-2006 Lee T. Strickland*
1918 Herbert Matthews 1968-1970 John Idol 2006-2009 Bryan O'Malley
1922-1923 Ernest Hutchings 1970-1971 Nathan Apanof 2009-2010 Michael F. Uttaro
1923-1924 John Hehn Jr. 1971-1973 Julius Greico 2010-2011 Kyle A. Dugger
1925-1928 Elisha Rice 1973-1975 Leo Sniadecky 2011-2012 James A. Dillon
1928-1930 William Miller 1975-1977 Francis Gould 2012-2013 James M. Pitzer
1930-1931 Josiah Rice 1977-1979 Thaddeus Stasiewicz 2013-2014 Christopher Pisani
1931-1935 Harold W. Smith 1979-1981 Edward Bennett 2014-2015 Michael Farrone
1935-1937 Fred A. Nickels 1981-1983 Walter J. Salowski 2015-2016 Scott Garrigan
1937-1945 William H. Bickell 1983-1985 Joseph Morris 2016-2017 Mark Kiess
1945-1948 Chester Chicosky 1985-1987 Barry S. Robinson 2017-2018 Christopher Pisani
1948-1950 Charles Namur 1987-1989 Kenneth J. Paradise
1950-1952 Leon Novinsky 1989-1991 Joseph T. Geiman
1952-1954 Anthony E. Paradise 1991-1993 Neil Hicks Sr.
1954-1956 James A. Platz 1993-1995 Herman P. Wiegand
1956-1958 Donald Gray 1995-1997 Robert J. DeVito
* Passed away while serving as M-LFD Chief of Department

Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department
Past Department Presidents

The following dedicated members have served as President of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department:
1927-1929 Ralph T. Tooker 1970-1972 Vincent Esposito 2006-2008 Rodolfo Barranco
1929-1930 Hebert Anderson 1972-1974 Joseph Mastro 2008-2010 Dario Duque
1930-1939 Edward C. Smith 1974-1976 M. Martin Landweber 2010-2012 Anthony B. Lotruglio
1939-1940 Charles Rose 1976-1977 Joseph Kutch 2012-2014 Michael Fener
1940-1941 Aloysisis J. Ruddy 1977-1978 John Wiesnesky 2015-2016 Michael Ward
1941-1942 M. Douglas Neier 1978-1980 Joseph Quesada 2016-2018 Konata Ragin
1942-1943 George Rennaman 1980-1982 Brian Levings  
1943-1945 Archie McQuillan 1982-1984 John Boesch  
1945-1948 J. Frank Erickson 1984-1986 Wayne Paradise  
1948-1950 Charles Strong 1986-1986 Edward Bennett  
1950-1952 Chester Kacprzyk 1986-1988 Louis Scida  
1952-1954 William T. O'Connell 1988-1990 Joseph Morris  
1954-1956 Harry Carroll 1990-1992 William Feaster  
1956-1958 Frank J. Paradise 1992-1994 Thomas R. Comesky  
1958-1960 Louis Kunkel 1994-1996 Thomas F. Deck  
1960-1962 George A. Batjer 1996-1998 James A. Dillon  
1962-1964 Felix Kopel 1998-2000 Richard Kushay  
1964-1966 Luigi Ramazzotti 2000-2002 Dean Shaffer  
1966-1968 Robert J. Berran 2002-2004 Douglas R. Charnetsky  
1968-1970 Harry Reid 2004-2006 Joseph Attard  




Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Fiscal Officers


2018 04 07 MLFD Installation Dinner KingLindner107

John Nash

Company #2

fiscal robfener 

Vice President
Robert Fener

Company #4

 2018 04 07 MLFD Installation Dinner KingLindner93

John Anderson

Company #5

fiscal mitchlevine2012 s

Mitchell Levine

Ambulance Unit

fiscal mikefener2012

Michael Fener

Company #4

2018 04 07 MLFD Installation Dinner KingLindner145

Assistant Treasurer
Brian Levings

Company #4


Judge Advocate
Ex-Chief Michael Uttaro

Company #5

Reverend Edmund Doyle
Rabbi Marim Charry
Dr. Sanford Ratner

View the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department's Past Presidents

Manhasset-Lakeville Water/Fire District
Board of Commissioners



Steven Flynn


Mark Sauvigne

Brian J. Morris

The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire & Water District Board of Commissioners meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5PM at the district office located at 170 East Shore Road in Great Neck.
For additional information on the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District, please click here.



Michael Rice - 8701
2018 04 07 MLFD Installation Dinner KingLindner43

On April 6, 2017 Michael Rice was elected as 4th Deputy Chief.  

Craig Gobbo - 8704
2018 04 07 MLFD Installation Dinner KingLindner53

Deputy Chief Craig Gobbo joined the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department and Company #4 in March of 1993. He was elected as Company 4's 2nd Lieutenant in 2007. He then served as 1st Lieutenant from 2009 to 2011 and as Captain from 2011 to 2013.

During his more than 20 years of service with the department, he has served on numerous committees including training, pump and drive, and truck & building. He is a longtime member of the Minuemen Drill Team, and is also an Ex-President of the Ambulance Unit. Deputy Chief Gobbo has been a career firefighter with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) since 2001, and is currently a Lieutenant assigned to an engine company in Queens. He and his wife Kristen are the proud parents of 2 children, Jenna and Nicholas.

Gregory Weisburd - 8702

Chief's Bio Coming Soon!


2017-2018 Chiefs


Brian Stone
Chief of Department

Craig Gobbo 

1st Deputy Chief

William Mazurkiewicz

2nd Deputy Chief

Michael Rice  
3rd Deputy Chief


Gregory Weisburd
4th Deputy Chief

Click here to view the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department's Ex-Chiefs



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